Thursday, 29 September 2011

Going herbivore

Oh yeah, so this is actually a pretty major and possibly even relevant thing to blog about. At midsummer (that is... wow, three months ago already!) I made a pledge to go vegan for a year. As part of the annual promise of Blackout Sabbath to change something in my way of living in order to make the world a better place, and, well, as a challenge to myself. FOR SCIENCE, sort of. If I can manage a year without eating animal products, I may or may not keep it up in the future as well. We'll see how it goes.

So far it's going quite well. I obviously haven't starved to death, and the cravings for cheese and milk and stuff isn't as overwhelming as I had imagined. Now I'm also forced to actually learn how to cook properly, which is something I have practically detested and avoided as well as I have could before. And actually, the food I cook is slowly turning towards "quite tasty" rather than "barely edible" the more I practice. I'm even starting to like cooking a bit.

To help with the learning (as if living with a vegan who's a genius in the kitchen isn't enough) I have bought my very first cook-book. I actually own about a dozen cook-books, all of them given to me from my mother, with the best intentions I'm sure. I've actually tried a few of the recipes over the years, but I haven't really felt the motivation to learn how to cook anything more advanced than pancakes (and I'm damn good at making pancakes, ask anyone who know me! And what is this silly talk about eating pancakes three times a week is too much?), when I seem to invent new ways to fail (in often both spectacular and messy fashions) in the kitchen every time I try to follow a recipe. 

Anyway, now I have acquired a vegan cook-book with the most awesome name ever: The Veganomicon.

So far I've tried about ten recipes, and they're easy enough to follow that I haven't screwed up anything too bad, and very tasty. It contains recipes of all kinds, really. From waffles with bananas and walnuts in them to soups and breads and stews and stir-fries and curries and salads and ice cream and sauces and tons of other stuff, none of which seems insanely complicated, even for a food-dyslectic like me. The fun thing about vegan food (at least the way it is presented in this book) is that it takes inspiration from all over the world, and creates delicious cross-breeds of foods I would never have imagined combining, using everything from vegetables of all kinds to beans, tofu, seitan, grains and other edible things that grow. A major plus is the witty way in which the book is written. A minus is that the bloody americans insist on using silly units like "cups" and "ounces" and so forth. Hello, heard of SI units, anyone? C'mon, all the cool kids are doing it!

I look forward to familiarize myself further with this book, and hopefully eventually acquiring some well-needed cooking skills. There are over 250 recipes in the book, so it'll keep me occupied for a while! I've also bought a book on the art of baking vegan cookies, but cookies deserve their own post (if not their own category), so that is a subject for another time!

Darn. All this food-talk has made me hungry. Time to feed!

Wednesday, 28 September 2011


Autumnal equinox come and gone, winter approaching more rapidly by the day. I do so love the winter, and these beautiful autumn days is a wonderful premonition. The cold, crisp air in the mornings, the misty fields, the soon-to-come frost in the grass and the wild winds. Brightly coloured leaves and the smell of living things fleeing, going to sleep, or dying. The nights become dark again, and the drizzle of rain on the street-light-illuminated pavement is melancholic but soothing.

*sigh* I want to go out on a long walk and enjoy it all, but I guess I'm stuck inside, snivelling, for a few more days...

Monday, 26 September 2011

It's alive! (No, really!)

Wow. Time flies faster than pigs with wings. My poor blog even had its one-year birthday, and it went by entirely unnoticed! I was thinking, like so many times before, that maybe it should be time to start blogging on a more or less regular basis again. Because I am obscenely obsessed with bookkeeping (or record-keeping in this case, I guess), if for no other reason.

Why the sudden switch of language? Well, because I felt like it, mostly. Or maybe because I'm back on track with the physics courses, and spend most of my days listening to lectures and reading books in english. I kinda start thinking in english after a while.

I have lots of things I want to write about, really. Both silly and potentially relevant things. That list? It's been half a year, and I haven't finished a bloody month's worth of writing. Screw the list! I hereby proclaim it a failed project, since it didn't even fulfill its purpose. If the remaining points were interesting I'm sure I will adress them eventually, anyway.

Right now, I'm coughing and sneezing and fever-hallucinating my way through a lab period. It's hard work, but damn it feels good to be studying for real again. I've caught up with all the Math Courses From Hell, and if all goes well I'll have a bachelor's degree in astrophysics in less than a year. And then I'll keep studying what I love most for who knows how many years to come. Is it a respectable goal in life — to never have to leave the university? But then again, respectableness has never been a word I'd care to associate myself with. I'd much rather have fun.

Now: stumble into bed with a pot of tea and a box of kleenex. Tomorrow: more blogging? Maybe!