Monday, 31 October 2011

Time of Winter

And so the clock was winded back an hour and winter time was re-conquered. Bloody finally. Summer time is stupid and should be abandoned forever. Summer is miserable enough as it is, so why bother fiddling with the clock and destroying the nice, dark evenings of potential stargazing? Mlah.

Anyway, I have re-conquered more than an hour of my life. The exam-period is at an end at last, and I can smell the sweet air of freedom again. Well, freedom to do something more than sleeping and maybe eating in my spare time, at least. And I passed the second exam as well, with honors nonetheless! Damn, I'm good. Or lucky, at least. In any case, this was celebrated by taking a whole weekend off from studying and doing fun things like hanging out with friends, playing board games, baking cookies and taking a walk in the pleasant (albeit misty) autumn weather. I even had time to clean the apartment, which was well-needed after weeks of neglect. One of these days I might even take a shower. Hah.

November is lurking around the corner, and I have to admit that I'll have to postpone my grandiose plans of participating in NaNoWriMo in order to save myself from collapsing into a ball of stress. It's happened before, and I'll do my best to not let it happen again, even if it means I have to cut down my hobbies into a quarter of what I would have aspired to participate in. As much as I'm interested in all kinds of stimulating things, I'd rather keep my sanity, for now.

On a last note: happy halloween! I sadly admit that the notion of the most fun holiday of the year approaching entirely passed me by this year. No pumpkin lanterns, no costume party, no scaring the neighbourhood with mad laughter at midnight, no vampire teeth, no eerie decorations for me this year. Just an insane amount of studying. Well, I guess oral exams are scary enough.

Fallen leaves and mixed feelings,

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