Thursday, 17 November 2011

On my loss of wisdom(teeth)

Long time no update, huh. Guess that pesky "real life" had me absorbed for a while again. Ah well, back to forgetting about its miseries by... whining about them here?

Had a really lovely time at the dentist, got a wisdom-tooth pulled out, root and all. Guess I was more scared than it actually hurt, but it was a quite horrible experience nonetheless. Even worse than the oral exams, actually. I've been quite incapacitated since, and will probably be eating nothing but soups for the next two weaks, just in case. At least all will be better when it has healed up. No more constant inflammations and risk for infections in the heart muscles (I knew I should have kept away from that Wikipedia page...). And then they will remove my second wisdom-tooth. Meeep...

Well, now the brain in the jar in my bookshelf will get company from a severed wisdom-tooth. Is it morbid to keep amputated body-parts as souvenirs?


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  1. Uj, stAAAAAckars dig!!!!! Hoppas det läker snabbt! Jag är bara nyfiken: om du har tanden i bokhyllan: Hat tandfen kommit inatt......;)