Monday, 16 January 2012


Hello blog. Oh, and hello blog readers. Happy news! I passed a whole bunch of exams! This term has been the best with respect to results so far for me, but also the most intense and difficult one. I guess that insane amount of studying actually paid off. Just a couple of lab reports to get graded now, then I am officially done with Physics 3 — Modern Physics, at Lund University.

It's over! I made it! Sweet, sweet relief. Now I can publicly call myself allmänbildad inom fysik. I don't think there is a good corresponding term in english, but the content is that I now have a good general knowledge of physics. Sure took some hard work, pain, sweat and tears to acquire that!

Well, it sure as hell isn't over with that. Now is the time to get specific. To study that which intrigues me the most: astrophysics. This term offers a couple of astronomy courses, as well as my bachelor's thesis. It's really scary, things just got so very real, but on the other hand I have never been more motivated than I am now. I really want to do this, and the successes of this passed term have given me a boost of well-needed self-confidence. I now know that I can learn and accomplish things, if I put my heart to it. I still have to work a bit on the ever-elusive self-discipline, but I think things have improved even there. I am dead set on taking the chance of finding out how far all this will take me.



  1. Härligt Tina! Spara den här känslan, så du senare i livet kan plocka fram den närhelst det behövs:-)! Du är underbar!
    Kram mamma

  2. Tack så mkt Tina :D long time no see