Monday, 5 March 2012

Planet-hunt: successful!

Finally! After persistent observations, I have at last seen Mercury! That elusive little bastard isn't easy to find if you don't know where to look. But last friday I had a free evening, almost clear weather and a quite level horizon. Sat and watched the sunset for an hour, and then there it was: a faint little speck in the sky, but there was no mistaking it was Mercury. 

It was a fantastic evening. No less than four planets visible in the sky. In addition to Mercury, also Venus, Jupiter and Mars, and all of those are easy to spot. And for the lucky bastards with a telescope, Uranus could also be seen, right next to Mercury. Lots of drama! I would recommend kidnapping an astronomer and going outside for a while if the weather is clear tonight. Or bring a star chart if there is no astronomer to be had.

So now I've seen all the planets of this solar system! Can I have a badge, or something? Really, there should be a badge for that. That's really all it takes to make this little nerd euphoric. But even apart from now being a naked-eye planetary observational master, life is fantastic right now. Had a fun time playing a concert on saturday, and after that another evening of lovely roleplaying. It would also seem that spring is already here. The sun is warm and shining, the mud is drying up, and little flowers are sprouting in the gardens. I prefer it to the endless, icy rains of the sad excuse for winter that goes on december through february here. Spring is not so bad. Warmth enough to lay off the winter jacket I like, as long as it comes nowhere near summer heat. But right now I will not trouble myself with thoughts about the future, I'd like to just enjoy a moment of happiness.

Like this morning. I overslept and awoke five minutes before I was supposed to rush out the door to get to work. Zoomed back and forth through the apartment in panic. I do not function without breakfast of some sort, so I called in to work to warn them that I would be a couple of minutes late, while pulling on socks and simultaneously trying to peel a banana with the other hand (not recommended). Found out that I actually wasn't scheduled to work at all today, and basked in the happiness of a considerably slower morning.

Today, it looks like, will be a good day.

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