Thursday, 24 May 2012

LinCon and the awesomeness of reality

Another gaming convention come and gone. Another weekend of feeling utterly at home and enjoying every second of good company and board games and general geekiness. Even the signature social panic managed to stay away this time. Might be a one-time lucky accident, or I might have leveled up on the social skill. Yes, not freaking out in social situations is definitely a skill, one I'd like to master some day. 

I'm beginning to feel human again after having remedied some of the sleep-deprivation. Now it's back to racking my brains in the never-ending attempt to understand reality. Star-quakes, spectral lines ad infinitum and the Zeeman effect at hundreds of mega(!)Teslas. As much as I love escapism in various forms, reality can be totally fucking awesome.

Love and awesomeness,

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