Thursday, 11 October 2012

C is for cookies (that's good enough for me)!

Anybody who knows me could probably confirm that I am a real cookie-monster. I love cookies and sweets of almost all (vegan) varieties. And while cooking food is something I do more out of need than for enjoyment, I think baking cookies is quite fun. Maybe not as fun as eating them, but still.

For those of you who thought going vegan means giving up on cookies and baked goods forever—think again! Were that the case, I would have a very much harder time indeed sustaining this diet. It might not be the healthiest obsession, I am undoubtedly at least slightly addicted to sugar, but for now it brings me joy and do not cause others any harm, so what the hell. We all have our vices.

So how to bake these vegan cookies, then? What is the magic behind making cookies taste absolutely delicious without eggs and butter? Well, for a thorough course in the art of vegan cookie-making I can warmly recommend the following book: 

Vegan cookies invade your cookie jar by Isa Chandra Moskowitz and Terry Hope Romero. Full of cookies of the most diverse kinds, even ones you can supposedly eat for breakfast (without the sugar crash an hour later that would normally follow, heh). I have owned the book for about a year, and have by now baked my way through about a third of the recipes. My skill level in cookie-baking is nowhere near high enough for me to be able to invent my own recipes, but at least I can follow instructions by now without screwing things up too bad. It helps that most recipes in this book are also ridiculously simple. You learn a few tricks, know what ingredients to keep on hand if the desire for cookies should arise, and you get the hang of it. Lots and lots of practise shouldn't hurt either, which is an excellent excuse to always have home-baked cookies in the pantry. I know at least that for me, my home doesn't feel complete without a well-filled cookie jar.

Do you have a favourite cookie? Myself I find the combination of peanut-butter and chocolate in a cookie nigh-on irresistible.

Love and cookies,

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  1. Underbart:-)! Det börjar närma sig va 44, ska du ha ett eget bakläger;-)?
    Jag ska berätta för mormor, hon kommer att bli så stolt!!!!