Thursday, 4 October 2012

Restaurant tip: Govindas

I really have a million things to do today, so this post will have to be a quick one. It could always be useful to know where to find restaurants serving vegan food. So, here is a tip relevant mainly for residents of Lund: Govindas, at Bredgatan 28. Being a hindu restaurant, they only serve vegetarian food, and always have a vegan option. They are only open around lunch, and the place has been tremendously crowded every time I've been there, including today. The atmosphere is nice, if a bit loud during the rush, and the food is always delicious and affordable. A major plus from my point of view is that garlic is considered unholy (for some reason) by hindus, so there is never any garlic in their food. Yay for me, being allergic and also detesting the taste of it. I can strongly recommend a visit! Students get a discount.

Love and food,

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  1. Trevligt, dit går vi när jag kommer i november:-)