Monday, 24 December 2012

Current happiness and hope for future adventures

All is well. I am sitting in a sofa at my mother's place with a cat by my side. Outside are snow-covered fields and forests, and more snow has been falling ever since I got here. I have just handed in the last of my reports for the year. There is a take-home exam in January which I dread, but I try not to think of it, determined to enjoy at least a few days' peace. Tonight I was at the cinema with my best friend and saw The Hobbit, in 3D and all. Over-the-top and drawn-out battle-scenes or not, I got entirely blown away and enjoyed every second of it. It filled me with a fuzzy feeling of happiness to think that in a year I will go there. Well, maybe not to Middle Earth itself, but to New Zealand!

That's right. I got a place as an exchange student at the University of Canterbury in Christchurch, New Zealand. Well, formally I still have to be accepted to the university itself as well, but it is as good as settled. I will really go there! I'm so happy and excited I have a hard time not jumping up and down in joy every time I think about it. I have wanted to go there for so very long. It really is a dream come true! Adventures await next spring! I am hell of nervous, but ten times as reassured that the awesomeness of it all will be worth any and all panic attacks. 

Tomorrow is christmas' eve, and I think I will go skiing. Then we will go visit grandma, and I will enjoy some well-needed time off. Go out and play in the snow just for the sake of it, build a fire, celebrate the return of the undefeated sun, see my friends and such things. Oh how I love the winter. The snow is still whirling around, brightening up the blackness outside. I listen to a list of my favourite songs this year which I compiled. The future is a big, fluffy cloud of hope. I am in love with the whole world right now.

Happy midwinter, readers! Please feed off my happiness and positivism, I've got plenty to share at the moment. Have some love as well.


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