Saturday, 1 December 2012


I DID IT! I fucking DID it! I wrote a freakin' novel in a month's time! 50016 words, take that, ya pansies! 

So I actually WON NaNoWriMo. I set out to write a novel, and I bloody well did it. Oh all right, this is draft number one (AKA draft of shittiness), and there are plot holes all the way to China. Not to mention crappy and repetitive formulations, loose threads and mysteries that I haven't even begun to tie together or unravel, shallow world concepts and storylines that wouldn't hold together with a ton of duct-tape. But you know what, that's okay! I still finished the damn story. I have created a piece of writing that is longer by far than anything else I have written before, ever. I set a story free that has been slumbering within my mind for years, and was it ever glad to finally find its way out! I let the characters run around creating absolute mayhem, and watched as my story took turns I would never have imagined it would do a month ago.

So if I've learned one thing from this whole ordeal it is that the best way to write a good story is to actually WRITE IT. No matter how you look at it, that is the way it has to begin, and it is also the biggest hurdle to get over, at least for me. I am fairly good at finishing things, but actually getting out there and starting doing something takes a hell of a lot determination and courage. Mind you, I still have a whole lot of work ahead of me if I ever want to see this story finished enough to let anybody else than my best friend read it, but I think I might just possibly have gathered enough writing momentum and self-confidence to do that now. I know that I have acquired inspiration and motivation in abundance, if nothing else. I write, ergo I am a writer now. Published or not, that is still rather awesome.

Now I am thoroughly exhausted and would like to sleep for a month. Wake me up by christmas, okay? Heh, I wish. Tomorrow I am going to retake control of the mundanities in my life, such as washing the mountain of dishes that has been piling up in the kitchen, cooking some proper dinner, catching up with neglected homework, answering emails, going for a long nice run, and possibly even take a well-needed shower. After sleeping in as long as I bloody well feel like it for the first time in over a month, mind you.

High fives from your very own creative genius,

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