Monday, 28 January 2013

Sonata Arctica on a perfect Saturday

Still in a mellow sort of euphoric rush after having seen Sonata Arctica live in concert yesterday in Copenhagen, together with a loved one. The music, the energy, the joy. Headbanging, jumping up and down, and singing along to songs like this one:

Ah, pure bliss. And we also had time to visit a vegan restaurant; Firefly Garden. Without a doubt among the most delicious food that I have ever eaten. Rather pricey, but well worth a visit if you feel like going to a fancy restaurant sometime.

Mm, I'll fondly remember yesterday for a long time to come. Now I'm trying not to think about the fact that it is Monday tomorrow and that there are approximately a million things I need to get done. I managed to get through yesterday without a single moment of panic. Good job, head! I might have  finally leveled up the handle-social-situations-without-freaking-out skill, or there might be lurking the Backlash From Hell around the corner. Soon I'll find out, in the meantime I really hope for the former.

Love and music,

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