Monday, 4 March 2013

I can't keep it in

I crawl out from under my rock after a week of fever-dazed paralysis. Find a shining sun, spring winds in the air, most of my health back, and an exuberant happiness at life in my heart. If my lungs weren't still sore from all the coughing I would be running, skipping and dancing around all day, laughing like a moron. Now I did, but only for like half a minute (before fits of coughing overcame me), and probably got all kinds of strange looks in the process. But I couldn't care less.

Now I have the daunting task of catching up with a week's worth of missed work before me. Deadlines approaching and whatnot. But it doesn't even manage to put a dent in my good mood right now. I will sort it out little by little, and try not to stress about it. This monday is too splendid to waste on depressing thoughts. Yay, I'm alive!

You've got so much to say
Say what you mean
Mean what you think
And think anything
Why not?

Love and happiness,

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