Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Androgynity, how it itches

Still insanely busy, but just have to share these anecdotes. So, apparently some people have problems with my somewhat androgynous appearance.

This weekend I was walking down the streets of Brussels, when two dude-bros started talking loudly as I walked past.
Dude-bro 1: “Is that a guy with long hair, or just a really ugly girl?”
Dude-bro 2 (shouts at me): “Hey! What are you?”
You wouldn't believe how often I ask myself that very question, I might have said. But as always I was at a loss for words, so I chose to just ignore them and walk on, with that familiar feeling of exasperation mixed with a sort of smug satisfaction.

Then today I went into a store selling clothes and random stuff (Åhlens, I think it was) and asked the girl at the register if they sold ties. I got the answer that no, they didn't sell men's clothes, but could she perhaps interest me in their amazing mascara at a discount?

Arghl. This gender-binary thing is a very, very annoying thing, especially in its omniscience. I just want to be me, gods damn it! I don't need prescribed roles and expectations based on what sex my body happened to be born with. I can (and would very much like to) think for myself, thank you very much.

Okay, enough with the whining, back to preparing LARP stuff.


  1. Hi, it's your friend Kalle (who's severly drunk. Excuse my dpelling)
    I have also been mistaken in terms of gender several times (some hilariouls stories, I'll tell you next tiem we see each other.) However, you make a very valid point. I've also been to Åhelns and been asked to leave when I said I 3anted to buy clothew fro myself. I wanted a friggen black polo! How is this different from gender to gender?!? After some protests I ended up with finally getting a polo. And I looked damned good in it alswell.

    Tina, ugly girl?!? I firmly protest ever though that is not the issue here.

    Anyhwo, fuck binary gender. Wohoo for binary numbers! (and ridicououls amouont of wine)

    1. Thanks for the support! I look forward to hearing those stories. I've also got some more quite hilarious ones if you're interested. Fuck binary gender, cheers to that! *toasts with cup of tea in lack of wine*

  2. Insteda of omniscienec you shuold say ubiquity,

    1. *giggles hysterically* I love how, with all your drunken spelling taken into account, you still have the nerve to correct my choice of words!

  3. Pfft.. de där killarna hade uppenbart ingen smak. Är du ful är jag en tomat.

  4. Yeah, it's quite the downer to be in these situations, I can agree to that. It has happened more than once that random people have asked questions regarding my gender or sexuality (or even more often: my biological age), even since I grew a beard. I always put on my sarcastic smile and answer: "What do you think?". Not that I really care what they think, but it at least makes them shut up, hopefully.

    I love to understand people, but these questions are a mystery for me. In what way does it matter? It's not like they're gonna see me again and have any use of that kind of information. I guess people like to categorize, and I guess that I mess up their head, since I prefer to break norms and not make sense. And I love to try new things, without bothering to think what suits my gender and sexuality and body.

    And yes, indeed, you are very beautiful, whatever you may be!