Friday, 16 August 2013

First impressions of La Palma

And so the adventure begins. Holy shit people, I am currently located at a volcanic island, at the top of a 2.4 km mountain, the farthest south I've ever been, in a telescope building. Holy shit! How did this happen?

I've begun my ten-week assistantship at the Swedish Solar Telescope at La Palma is how. I travelled for most of yesterday, and today I've been going up and down and up again to this mountaintop, seen the telescope and a lot of the island and my head is kind of spinning from all the new impressions.

It's hot. It's humid at sea-level but dry up here. There are a lot of observatories up here, and I hope I will get to visit them all before I leave.

That's all I have to give of my current situation at the moment I'm afraid. I kind of feel like crap after an exhausting trip, so now I'm going to bed. Will return when feeling more coherent.

Love and low oxygen-levels,

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