Thursday, 12 September 2013

I've looked at clouds from all sides now

It's been a cloudy day today. The definition of a cloudy day around here is pretty much being inside a cloud. It certainly intensifies the feeling of isolation when you cannot even see the nearby telescopes anymore. Just damp whiteness. So yeah, we didn't even open up today, which meant I basically had the day off. Spent it mostly napping and reading, but also running (in an attempt to offset the laziness). Running inside clouds has the benefit of (extremely) humid air, which makes my sore nose happy and less clogged.

I've also been on adventures at evening- and nighttime. Went to see the Mercator telescope, and also MAGIC. Both very interesting and high-tech! And yesterday the William Herschel telescope shone their laser to calibrate their adaptive optics system. I have never seen a cooler laser! A 40 watt green beam pointing out into space, and I got to stand right under it and look up. Squee!

Have been down to Santa Cruz as well on my free days this week. Got to practise a lot of driving while getting lost in search for a particular beach on the other side of the island. It's still stressful, but I think I'm getting the hang of it. Arrived at the beach at last only to find it closed off due to risk for falling rocks. Typical. Oh well, it still was a beautiful place. And I got to see a fair number of banana plantations, I guess that counts for something.

Also seized the opportunity to go for a run in abundant oxygen-levels. Ran to the beach, took a swim, then ran back to the hotel. Turned quite a few heads and got whistled after since I was barefoot and wore nothing but swimming trunks and a sports bra, but what the hell. I was too busy enjoying the sensation of being strong enough to run that far without a problem to be bothered by the stares.

It is a lovely feeling, and it helps keeping me sane. Running endorphins are a really good way to cope with the occasional loneliness and oversocialisation around here. An effective way of finding peace.

I heard a storm is coming in tonight. That usually lulls me to sleep very effectively. And tomorrow promises clear skies. In any case I've got to get up before sunrise, so off to bed I go.

Love and clouds,

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