Friday, 6 September 2013

SST villanelle*

We spend the days here looking at the Sun
From the tower watching the sunrise
And hoping for a good observing run

The plans for this had long ago begun
In Sweden because Stockholm thought it wise
To build this place for looking at the Sun

The telescope has lens of metre one
And artefacts in cameras from mice
All optimised for good observing run

Sometimes the hope for data is all gone
Calima or high clouds will once or twice
Destroy our chance of looking at the Sun

When polcal, darks and flats have all been done
We make a quick-look movie for our eyes
While hoping for a good observing run

Sometimes observers have a lot of fun
Recording when the seeing's looking nice
A day well spent on looking at the Sun
Then bringing home a good observing run

* This happens to be my first attempt at a villanelle, so please regard kindly the liberties I've taken with the form.

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