Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Recipe: Fake risotto

I signed up for VeganMoFo this year. Still I haven't written a single food-related post during September. I'm sorry! Time got tighter than I'd expected, and I chose to prioritise differently. As a tiny attempt to compensation, here's a super-simple recipe of my own making. I have even served it to several non-vegan friends, and they seemed to enjoy it!

Cheating risotto

Boil circa 3 dl rice (of any kind) together with a pinch of salt in a can of coconut milk. Stir occasionally so it doesn't burn, and add in some water as needed. In the meantime, drain and rinse a can of chickpeas, and chop up an avocado or two. When the rice is done boiling, add in chickpeas, avocado, cocktail tomatoes, basil (preferably fresh, but dried works) and salt and pepper to taste. Done!

Super-easy, and can be thrown together in under 15 minutes. Feel free to substitute any beans or peas for the chickpeas, and to exchange the avocado and tomatoes for something else if you're so inclined. The main point of the recipe is that rice boiled in coconut milk makes for a quick, cheapskate fake-risotto.

Love and food,

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