Monday, 30 November 2015

NaNoWriMo success!

Hell yes! NaNoWriMo done, and with four whole hours to go. That's more than I usually manage, in the way of deadlines. The third novel in my trilogy (known by the name of Wings on my Back), is thus complete. The first draft of it, that is. Craptastic as it is, it's going to need a lot of very thorough revision. But I did get some brilliant ideas in the writing process, which is pretty much what I hoped to accomplish. That, and to push myself into getting into the habit of writing. Never mind the fact that I should have spent all that time writing up my master's thesis instead. The prospect of said thesis being on an anxiety level a couple magnitudes above that of my novel it isn't so strange that it has had to wait, though. This could even have been a good getting-into-shape exercise for finishing at last that final part of my astronomy education. (Final for now, at least, who knows what mad things I will endeavour in the future?)

But regardless of my mental issues, I wrote a novel! Another fucking novel, in fact, in a series I've been working on for over three years. If I manage to keep up this momentum the whole thing might be ready for publication before next year is at an end. We shall see. It feels great, in any case, to finally have seen this story to an end. It has been hiding within me for so long, so afraid of being laughed at. But at last the pain of ignoring it got stronger than the fear, and out it tumbled, in a glory of crappy language and plotholes, but with an idea strong and interesting enough to build an actual book out of through large amounts of hard work. I love and hate the process and learn a hell of a lot from it, just like so much else in life.

Oh well. Tomorrow begins the return to so-called normal life, where it is said that other things than the writing of words each and every day should be of highest priority. Maybe I'll finally get the rest of my life under control and manage to give loved ones the attention they deserve. That's the ambition at least, but right now I'll settle for nursing my fever-stricken body with ice cream and revel in the pride of having taken on this challenge and fucking owned it.

Love and success,

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