Tuesday, 19 January 2016


Today? I've helped program an asterism into the planetarium in tribute to a dead hero.

I've also read a fair bit of Almagest, a book written around 150 A.D. by Ptolemy which concerns the cosmological world-view of the time. Arguments for geocentricm, a spherical Earth, fixed stars, and things like that. It's great stuff.

Those who have been true philosophers, Syrus, seem to me to have very wisely separated the theoretical part of philosophy from the practical. For even if it happens the practical turns out to be theoretical prior to its being practical, nevertheless a great difference would be found in them; not only because some of the moral virtues can belong to the everyday ignorant man and it is impossible to come by the theory of whole sciences without learning, but also because in practical matters the greatest advantage is to be had from a continued and repeated operation upon the things themselves, while in theoretical knowledge it is to be had by a progress onward. We accordingly thought it up to us so to train our actions even in the application of the imagination as not to forget in whatever things we happen upon the consideration of their beautiful and well ordered disposition, and to indulge in meditation mostly for the exposition of many beautiful theorems and especially of those specifically called mathematical.
— Ptolemy (Almagest)

Love and stars,

Monday, 11 January 2016

Farewell, David Bowie

It is a heavy day. One of my greatest inspirations has passed away. Today this song will accompany my tears, instead of my happily dancing around like an idiot, as it would usually do.

The world just got a lot less sexy. Thank you, David Bowie, for everything. You will be sorely missed.


Thursday, 7 January 2016

Winter adventure

So winter came at last, and with it a desire for communion with the frozen wilderness. So a hike was ventured, and in great company too. Through woods of naked trees, over hills and past streams and a lake. Even up onto an ancient volcano. All under a shining winter sun. Sleeping snuggled up by a roaring campfire, stars within sight. Waking up to find the ground covered with snow.

And for a while, all was right in the world.

Love and winter,

Saturday, 2 January 2016


Fuck you, 2015. I won't even bother to recap this year. There has been happiness, but the year in its entirety was tainted by a deep sorrow. I'd rather be looking forwards now.

2016 got off to a good start at least. Being sick and tired of the Christmas and new years celebrations, me and a loved one decided to grab a couple of cheap flight tickets to Ireland and spend a couple of weeks there instead. Even though I am thoroughly broke now, I am very pleased with this decision.

Ireland is a lovely country. Have some pictures.

Dublin had a castle. 19 revolutionaries once took the tram there and stormed the place.
 It did not end well. Irish people haven't been very good at revolutions.

Cathedrals, churches and monasteries abounded.

There's been people in Ireland since the paleolithic age.
The first ones walked over from Britain during the last ice age.
These are rapiers from the bronze age.

The coasts were dramatic, and so was the weather.
Although heavy rains and flooding came in later, Christmas eve
gave me a sunburn.

On Christmas day everything was closed,
but there was always street-art to be admired.

And I took the opportunity to chill out with Oscar Wilde in a park.

Although I remember the buildings of Trinity College
being beautiful, this is the only picture I have of the place.

I guess that says something about me.

I never pass up the opportunity to sing with a waterfall.

Views from mountains were spectacular.

Or at least would have been in theory, on some days.

At other times they would call from a distance.
Some day I'm going to heed that call. I am so going back there.

In conclusion: Ireland is a beautiful, beautiful country with friendly people and a sad but intriguing history. Very much like New Zealand, really.

Love and Ireland,