Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Planets, galaxies and coming back to life

Achievement unlocked: observe all planets through a telescope! Mercury, I got you at last, and in crescent shape nonetheless. This was a most excellent night of stargazing, and just what I needed after these past few weeks of hell. Planets, moons, satellites, star clusters, nebulae, galaxies. Glimmers of hope in an existence I had just about given up upon. Those beautiful, faraway specks of light make everything feel slightly more within reach. My master's thesis. Dealing with my emotions. A stable income. Happiness. A future. 

Mercury isn't actually a rainbow-coloured
banana, though appearances might deceive.

Health. Did I mention my nose was actually broken, after all? It totally was, and although I'll spare you the graphic details I can totally not recommend catching the flu and breaking your nose at the same time. I've had an operation to fix it now, though, and the doctors have concluded that my nose is a bit crooked, but probably not more so than it was before I broke it, and otherwise it's fine. So the slow struggle back to full capacity has begun. I long to be able to run and write for hours, but right now I'm thankful I manage to walk to work without fainting and write a hundred words on my thesis without my head exploding. And while perhaps I should take the opportunity to cosplay Tycho Brahe, like my boss suggested, I look forward to not actually look more hideous than my Nosferatu larp character.

So that's what right now is about for me. Trying to do stuff, because doing things means you have a life. Not to mention plain old survival. I totally made it another day.

Love and hope,

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