Friday, 15 July 2016

I was a fallen angel

A week ago I was a fallen angel. It was awesome, being part of a legion propagating chaos throughout a world of elves, orcs, dragons, swords, bards and magic. And goodness knows what else. An epic love-story was in it for me, as well, now captured into a song. There were issues, sure, but to expect anything else at Sweden's biggest LARP with 600 participants would have been kind of naïve. It was the first time I went to a LARP together with a group, and they were so great. I have seldom felt so included.

Alpheratz, an angel who fell for love.

I learned a lot, too. Unfortunately all my real-world problems can't be solved through blood-sacrifice, but I got some ideas for survival strategies in a world where my very existence is cause enough for some people to want to have me eliminated. Reality already chafes, and I find myself longing back to the woods. Time to spread some well-needed chaos.

Love and chaos,

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