Wednesday, 24 August 2016

A summer without shoes

Inspired by a couple of friends who usually ditch their shoes for the warm part of the year I decided to give it a go this summer. Now I think my barefoot transformation is complete. I almost managed to forget my shoes at a friend's place a while ago. This has been a great summer in many ways, and I'm glad to have experienced most of it without shoes. There haven't really been any injuries to speak of. One tiny splinter of glass and one blister in the beginning, that's all. Not much in three month's time. Some things I have experienced barefoot this summer:

  • Running across many types of ground.
  • Going for long walks both in nature and in the city.
  • Making a hell of a lot of pancakes.
  • Climbing trees.
  • Hanging out and photo-shooting together with horses.
  • Walking along the beach and going for swims in the sea.
  • Watching a thunderstorm from my balcony while eating popcorn at a midsummer's party.
  • A tiny bit of mountain-running.
  • The major part of a three-day LARP in the forest.
  • A spontaneous storytelling- and barbecue night.
  • Involuntarily bathing in a swamp.
  • Two days of folk-dancing at a festival.
  • A decent amount of biking.
  • Five weeks of work (where I managed to step in all sorts of slimy things, but amazingly enough nothing sharp).
  • A pride parade through central Malmö.
  • A roller-coaster ride.
  • Building an epic pillow-fort.

And now, school. Since the weather is still warm I haven't really found a reason to put shoes on, so I think I'll keep away from them until my toes start getting cold. I'm not sure whether it is a good or a bad thing to walk around barefoot. Possibly it's mostly rude. But you know what? I seem to care less and less what people think. It feels nice and free, and it doesn't seem to cause any harm. And, as a wise dragon once said: that which does not kill me, makes me stranger.

Love and bare feet,

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