Thursday, 18 August 2016

Imparting wisdom on the next generation

Summer's job is at an end, and I'm back off to school. I have mentioned that I have the best job, right? Some things I've accomplished these past few weeks:

  • Coming home from work covered in coca cola, glitter, cocoa powder and paint.
  • Telling kids about Lund University's Super Secret Rocket Launch Pad, which incidentally is disguised as a parking lot.
  • Failing to launch nine rockets.
  • Teaching kids that rock-paper-scissors is a perfectly legit part of the scientific method.
  • Making sure that not a single one of the kids now know how to correctly spell 'telescope'.
  • Learning that the key to keeping kids from fighting lies in distraction. Much like cats, really.
  • Getting more questions about my bare feet than about anything space-related. As per usual.
  • Going to work every single work-day for five weeks' full-time work!!! Maybe I'm finally learning to cope with reality.

No need to thank me! Just making sure there is hope for the next generation!

Love and work,

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