Monday, 3 October 2016

You're in every single part of me

Just discovered this lovely band called Agent Fresco. Their music is so right up my alley it's almost eerie. What is it with Icelandic people and making music? Seriously, like half of my favourite bands are Icelandic.

In other news I'm keeping busier than I should, as per usual. Things are hectic with studies and music and stuff, and I'm realising that my stress resilience is laughable. Then again, this is the first time in quite some time that I'm attempting handling deadlines while also having fun in my spare time and a social life. Apparently my brain is not back up to full capacity yet, if ever it will be. Combine this with ridiculous amounts of anxiety around saying no to things and this could get ugly.

But no, I'm not gonna run headlong into a wall again, I am done with that sort of thing. If you know me you can help me cope with the stress in a very simple way: by being patient. If I don't reply to your text message within a few hours or decline your invitation to hang out it is not because I find lying curled up on the couch hyperventilating that much more entertaining than socialising with you. I still like you just as much, and when energy levels permit I will get back in touch. But sometimes I must allow myself to spend some time alone. Breathing, and healing.

Thank you for understanding,

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