Friday, 9 December 2016


This, too, shall pass.

I should have that phrase tattooed onto my arm, or something. Whatever emotional state I'm in, I have a hard time envisioning ever feeling differently. I have learned from experience that the very idea that a state of mind should last forever is a ridiculous notion, but I have yet to grasp it emotionally. Brains. They're weird.

I'm in a low place right now, but emotions schmotions. I've got kindness around me, and so much to look forward to. How can I complain when I've got the best plans ever for Christmas and New Year's? Aaaaand tickets to see my favourite band live in concert in February...!

Take all of me
The desires that keep burning deep inside
Cast them all away
And help to give me strength to face another day
I am ready
Help me be what I can be

Love and hope,

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