Tuesday, 11 April 2017

A Thousand Nights, further continued

One Thousand and One Arabian Nights, Vol 5 of 16One Thousand and One Arabian Nights, Vol 5 of 16 by Anonymous

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500+ nights into the relentless storytelling. More lessons learned:

- If you follow through on your curiosity against your better judgement, don't fret too much about it. You were probably destined to act in such a way, anyway.
- The full moon is the yardstick for beauty. Anyone beautiful is to be compared to it.
- There is a lot of excessive weeping, buffeting of faces, strewing dust upon one's head, tearing of one's raiments, fainting, excessive rejoicing and whatnot. Apparently people were a lot more expressive in those time and at those places (at least compared to Sweden of today).
- Always be polite and eloquent, and kings may reward you generously merely for happening upon you.

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  1. And that must be why the full moon always makes me think of you.