Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Survival strategies

There will come a time when there'll be nothing but survival on my mind
and it's coming up soon, it's coming up now I can feel it
And I want you to feel, I want you to know
that I really can't make it on my own
no, not this time

Help me wash this from my mind, help me get through this alive
Splash my soul with a splendour of colour
Let us talk through all this time, painting stars upon our minds
Let's create a vibrant Universe between us

Keep reminding me to breathe, hold me close when I am weak
Let us walk as far as our legs will take us
Let me share what's on your mind, share the love and pain you find
Let us write a fairytale without an ending

Help me turn the world around, by mere inches at a time
Lift my spirit up with music sung together
Let us dance and let us play, let us love the night away
Let us find the key to life in union
and creation

Love and friendship,

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