Saturday, 14 April 2018

All is well

This view greets me after work every morning.
I get to go skiing for miles and miles...
... amidst MOUNTAINS

Just an update to show that I'm alive and well. So, so well. I'm positively thriving. Work is psysically exhausting but I hardly have to use my brain at all. It is a very welcome change from far too many years of the other way around. Working night shifts suits me just fine; I have no trouble sleeping during the day, and the general lower pace of activity during the dark hours is soothing for my easily-overwhelmed psyche. Also, going out to shovel snow and being met by a blazing rideau of aurora... lesser sights have moved me to tears.

I've pretty much settled into things by now. Work is tiring, but not more than I can handle, and now that I'm having a few free days I'm taking the opportunity to ski, read, write, hang out with people, and just breathe the amazing air. All in all being here is doing wonders for my sanity. Avoiding the internet as best as I can contributes to this, so if you don't mind I'll go back to doing just that now. And if you do mind... well, sucks to be you.

Love and snow,

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