Monday, 7 May 2018

For the dark to have its way

Tonight is not a night for happy endings
Tonight is for the dark to have its way
Tonight I think I finally will end things
I have to go before the sky turns grey

I’ve walked this road before, I know its bendings
I’ve had my highs, and now I have to pay
My soles have worn so thin they’re mostly mendings
I’m sick of words, I have no more to say

Yet still I yearn to pierce the world’s pretendings
Perhaps I’ll find it in my heart to stay
I have to write my stories proper endings
I think I’ll make it through another day

And when the day is through I’ll trust the dark
To hold for me a space to light a spark

Poem written in collaboration with my subconscious. Woke up at an ungodly hour with a few of these lines rattling around in my head, rhyming and in meter and all. Then spent half a sleepless night finishing the thing. I don't think I've managed to shape an entire sonnet in my head before, but I guess there's a first time for everything. So, yeah. Apparently I've started writing sonnets in my sleep. I guess it might be time to send help.

Love and dark,

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