Who? Why?

Greetings and well met, fellow internet-roaming creature!

I guess you might wonder who I am and what the purpose of this blog is, since you clicked this link. Simply put, I'm a reasonably human creature who likes to write. The purpose of this blog is essentially to be a place for me to write down any thoughts I feel like sharing*. Scribo, ergo sum? "I write, therefore I am." That is how it feels.

I am an astronomer, out of curiosity and sheer love of the stars. I was born and raised in Sweden, which would explain my occasional linguistic incoherences. If you don't understand my Swedish writings I can recommend Google Translate (the results will probably be hilarious).

I guess I would probably qualify as a nerd. Apart from being permanently over-excited about the mysteries of the Universe and the solving of them (i.e. science), I love reading. There tends to be a lot of fantasy in my readings, especially the darker kind, but I like books of all genres as long as they manage to move my feelings or provoke my thoughts in some way. Same goes for music. Life would be empty without it. And while there's a tendency towards a lot of metal, folk and classical music in my headphones I love music of almost all genres if it manages to sweep me off my mental feet.

Apart from working, reading and listening to music I spend my days drinking tea, dreaming up strange ideas, walking, running or biking around in nature, playing cello, roleplaying,  tree-hugging, playing board games, wearing silly hats, hiking, cooking, baking, stargazing, thinking up silly puns, watching movies, being vegan and trying to keep an open mind. 

And also, apparently, blogging. Mostly about any or all of the subjects mentioned above. The world is an interesting place, so every so often it happens that I attempt to reflect on something beyond my own little universe of interests. Updates happen more or less weekly. Please comment and share any reactions on the stuff I write! All feedback is very much appreciated.

Go right ahead and read any of my posts! There are some neat labels you can click on to keep them sorted. If you don't know where to start, I here offer you a selection of fine and relevant posts (if I may say so myself):

Love from the blogosphere,

*Possibly the purpose of these writings is to eventually take over the world, but I'm not supposed to tell you about that.